Them and Us – Culture and Identity Programme

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How globally aware are your pupils?

Our “Them & Us” programme is a series of workshops for Key stage 3 and 4 pupils, which explore culture, extreme views, identity, prejudice, and race through theatre. It provides a safe platform to discuss and explore issues that are currently affecting our society and aims to create understanding, cohesion and acceptance as opposed to a ‘them and us’ mentality.

canstockphoto7421747Using OFSTED criteria, this programme uses drama, creative writing, discussion and reflective practice, to encourage pupils to explore culture and identity honestly and openly. We encourage the young people to ask those difficult questions about culture, identity, tackling extremism and to seek to understand and respect others through becoming informed citizens.

How does it Work?

Over 5 – 10 weeks, we will work with a whole year group in half a day or the entire Keystage in one day. Individual sessions typically last between one hour to ninety minutes (the minimum booking is half a day).


In each session the pupils will explore a related topic using drama activities and discussion. At the end of each session they will record their thoughts and learning in their own personal diaries. As the programme reaches the midway point they will begin to write mini performance scripts that deal with some or all of the topics we have discussed. Towards the end they will perform their work. These performances can then be shared to promote their learning.

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