The Cool in Shakespeare



The Cool in Shakespeare is a cutting-edge performance and creative writing programme for Keystage 3 and 4 pupils. In our opinion Shakespeare was the Jay-Z of his time. Just like jay Z Shakespeare was an excellent lyricist, writer, a hustler – meaning Shakespeare was no stranger to grafting, he had a high production rate (he wrote 38-ish plays!) and most of all they both love the spoken word!


Our aim is to get the pupils to make the connection between the past and the present. Also to allow Shakespeare’s play to resonate and excite them. We do this by using modern theatre techniques, debate, discussion and fun creative writing tasks.



In a period of 10 weeks the pupils will study one Shakespearian play, create a modern written response in the form of a script and perform this in front of an invited audience.


By the end of the programme the pupils will have:

  • An in depth knowledge of the plot, the characters, the themes and historical context or one play.
  • Taken part in discussions and debates
  • Verbally responded to the conventions and ideas in the play
  • Created an idea for a new play based on the original and will have co-written a script.
  • Presented their play in front of an audience


At the core of The Cool in Shakespeare are fun experiences, excitement and innovation.  We ensure that studying Shakespeare is not a chore for pupils or teachers.


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