“Strawberry Words” You ask?

Strawberry Words uses dance, music and drama to uplift, empower and awaken. We do this through our education and training programmes. We believe that personal, social and career success rates are greatly enhanced by possessing excellent communication and literacy skills, a high level of cultural intelligence and a strong a secure sense of identity. Our interventions are challenging, usually lots of fun a38334_140756349278974_5542852_nnd designed for the learning process to be experiential.


To become a national leader in creating a world where everyone is treated fairly and given equal access to a great education.


We exist to uplift, empower and awaken the human spirit. Through our work we raise spirits, hopes and aspirations. Individuals are challenged to take responsibility and improve society to make it fair, diverse and equal for all. Our approach encourages others to be mindfully present, be aware and intellectually proactive and responsive. 20150520-DSC_0267 P1020132

Our facilitators are educated, trained, talented, and energetic individuals who believe strongly in using performing arts and creative writing to educate, inspire and to challenge.

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