Shakespeare’s Kids Academy

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Shakespeare’s Kids Academy is an immersive arts education programme which encourages young people to get passionate about the world of Shakespeare. By doing this they develop their speaking and listening skills, learn the plot, discuss and empathise with the characters, critically discuss and analyse the themes of the play, perform in front of an audience and receive a certificate of completion. It is designed for Keystage 2 pupils.


How does it work?

 Over 5 – 10 weeks, we will work with a whole year group in half a day or the entire keystage in one day. Individual sessions typically last between one hour to 90 minutes (the minimum booking is half a day). Throughout the programme the pupils will study one play, its characters, the themes and the language. Once they are confident, the pupils will create their own response to the play which will include their favourite sections.

This performance will be in modern English and will include many text extracts from the original script. It will be performed in the last session for an invited audience. Finally, the young people will receive an official certificate of completion from Strawberry Words in an awards ceremony.DSCF9052

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