Week 6 at We’ve Got This

‘We’ve Got This’ Week 6 by Lashana Charles-Queely

We've Got This! with Strawberry Afro Theatre

We’ve Got This! with Strawberry Afro Theatre

We are 6 weeks into our wonderful ‘We’ve Got This’ drama project. This week as part of their Arts Award work,  the young people discussed the different types of art they have encountered. They talked about drama, dance, music, sculpture and photography, just to name a few. The children that attend the project are such a talented bunch, with some mentioning that they can play various musical instruments such as piano and violin, and each week they show off their acting skills and writing talent in the drama studio.

All their suggestions were noted down and then as a group they created a collage of inspired drawings depicting the various art forms they had suggested. By the end of the session, the once blank pieces of paper had been brought to life with colourful images of dancers, music notes, and poetic words.


‘We’ve Got This’ is a ten week drama programme run by our sister company ‘Strawberry Afro Theatre CIC’ and is funded by Birmingham City Council.